Saturday, 21 September 2013

First look at the UI designed by our team, SNALK.

It was created on HTML, with links to show how we felt the UI would be the most user-friendly under the various labels or folders!

More coming up right now! :)

On a forgetful note, we will be uploading all our ideas on this blog in the next few days, so don't just forget about SNALK immediately! :)

Logging off for the day, with our final post...the Timeline...
credits: the talented Needa Jamil. :)

Thanks guys for following us, and going through our, probably menial posts. Kudos to the team, great job guys, I sure did enjoy a lot!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois
So we are pratically there with creating the UI... All that remains are the academic paper, and the  video, which is being handled solely by this guy, Kushagra, our animation artist...

And the audio, by Aditya...

Here are some of the character designs for the final video..

Some rough storyboards are also underway. 
We will keep uploading bits of our ideas every hour from now, so stay tuned...

It looks like a long night ahead for us. As we prepare for the last 8 hrs of the competition.
I am off to take a break, its dinner for me!



Well this is how we "WORK"! :P
the animator: Kushagra Kushwaha
credits: Aditya Parihar

The basic idea was to simplify the email, and prevent an overload of information. The email though originally created to provide a simple asynchronous communication mechanism, however has grown sophisticated over the years. From calenders and to-do-lists, to in some cases, the entire office work is being carried out via the email. However, in all its sophistication, the email is hardly simple, or user-friendly for that matter.

Our target is to provide easy access to all the necessary features that we feel an email should provide in one window with easy, user-friendly access to all of them with just one click.

We began by reading the prevalent surveys which discuss the human mentality towards the existing form of the email. We analyzed the problem, categorized the primary issues that users feel an email service provider lacks, and embarked on designing an interface which will will provide these features. The idea developed by brainstorming for an idea which will provide the easiest access to the features, and contain the easiest facility to cycle between them.
The idea looked like this:

This was before breakfast. Next we began designing the basic interface, on HTML and Adobe Illustrator. Although the primary appearance is similar to the prevailing email service providers, we have customized the icons. We initially had decided to create a new website to provide independent email service to clients, but later realized to be too cumbersome and complicated. So, instead, we are designing a new User Interface for Google Mail, providing easier access to the multitude of services that it provides. The challenge is much more difficult than we anticipated, and the progress, is slow, but definite!

Once the basic design for the UI is complete, (hopefully really soon) we will be uploading photos of the design, and videos of the production!
Presenting a collage of all the members, immersed in their work...